Release Notes for Bitcoin Update
Author: Mark S

Currently In Development

June 25, 2013

Now logged in web page is customized for user with account settings and public google account information.

June 23, 2013

Changed timestamp string to current time, not last trade time for bitcoin, reduces user confusion. Also switched to EDT for all time until can get user's Timezone. Changed error handling so instead of black card get error print out when API call for bitcoin price times out for example. Also now server will persist the last good price info and share that in error message. Added stacktrace to server logs for better debugging. Updated website to hide timeline card insert page and instead show a splash screen with information and an application form for access to private beta.

June 17, 2013

First release to users. Includes website for enrollment. Post enrollment user gets a single card. Card displays latest known btc/usd price, current bid/ask, day's range and shows timestamp string roughly set to MST (regardless of user location). Actions on card include PIN, UPDATE, and DELETE. Update will refresh the card content.

Issues: Timestamp string has no timezone awareness, registration website lets you click button multiple times resulting in multiple cards sent (note: just click once). When API limit is met (403), confusing web site error, and probably confusing Glass behavior.